Sunday, May 24, 2015

Parent Appreciation Gift

Do you have parent volunteers in your classroom?  

Some years I have had tons of parent volunteers and other years I have had none.  Let me tell you, parent volunteers make all the difference!  My volunteers do everything from copying, cutting, assembling, filing, sorting, working with students, and much more!  I could not have survived this school year without my amazing parent volunteers.  So, to show a little appreciation for all their hard work, I gave them this little gift.  

I put movie tickets, popcorn, and this note in a bag.  It was quick, easy, and they loved it!  You can grab your copy of the note here.  

How do you show your parent volunteers you appreciate them?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3rd Grade Here I Come!

I am so thankful for the big Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!  I loaded up my cart with a bunch of materials to use in 3rd Grade next year.  I left a lot on my wish list, but purchased plenty of fun to start the year.  

Here's what I bought:

I'm still going to use Class Dojo next year, and thought these would be a nice addition.  

I found out today that I get to teach ART once a week just for fun!  No CCSS alignment, no craft to accompany their writing, just ART!  You better believe I snatched up this growing set of directed drawings to use throughout the year.  

I'll start the year off right with these fun centers!

A few fun packs more aligned to 3rd Grade math. 

I thought a biography would be a fun way to start off the year.  But we'll see!

You've got a few more hours left to take advantage of the sale!  

Check out my TpT Store here.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale

The big TpT Teachers Appreciation Sale is starting soon!  
My little store is on sale, too!  

Don't forget to leave feedback on all your past purchases, in order to earn TpT credits!  Check out this tip I recently learned.  

I've got my cart loaded up with lots of new resources for my move up to 3rd grade.   Now that I will be looking for 3rd grade materials, I need to find new teachers to follow.

Who are your favorite 3rd Grade teachers to follow on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Wrapping Up The Year - Birthdays!

I am linking up with our awesome collaborative blog, Hello Sunshine!
This month, we are sharing ideas to help wrap up the school year.  I'll be sharing another fun, end of the year idea on the Hello Sunshine blog tomorrow.  Be sure to check it out!  :)

I became a little too obsessed with the Elf on the Shelf at Christmas time.  As soon as I saw the birthday version, I bought it instantly and knew I HAD to figure out a way to use it in the classroom.  

And I did!

During the school year we celebrate individual birthdays minimally.  We sing to the child and they get to take home a small birthday gift from me.  They are allowed to bring treats to pass out during lunch.  In order to make each child feel special and enjoy their birthday, I like to have one big birthday party at the end of the year.  I bring cupcakes, we play games, and have a really fun time!  I'm super excited to involve the birthday edition of Elf on the Shelf this year.  My class LOVED having the Elf on the Shelf visit us during Christmas, and I know they’ll LOVE seeing him back at our birthday party. 

I also included a behavior management aspect.  To help manage the kiddos during the last month of school, they are going to need to earn the birthday party.  In the note the elf leaves, he explains that he will be watching their behavior each day and reporting to Santa.  If the class displayed appropriate behavior, he will leave them a green dot to put on the present.  If the class did not display appropriate behavior, he will leave them a red dot to put on the present.  The class needs to have 15 green dots on the present, in order for the elf to be allowed to come to the party.  

What's included in this packet?
-Directions for how to set it all up
-Invitations, Thank-You Notes, and Weekly Reflections 
-An Acceptance letter from the Elf
-A Classroom Management plan incorporating the Birthday Elf
-Blank Calendars for April, May, and June 2015
-My calendar for May filled out with elf antics
-Poems to accompany each day
-9 Birthday Party Game Ideas

Click here to check it out!

Now go link up with Hello Sunshine to share with us how you wrap up the year!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Currently May

It's time for another round of Currently with Farley.  
I haven't joined in the fun for a while and am excited to be back in the game!  :)

Listening: It's Saturday morning, and that means laundry/cleaning!

Loving: I am in love with Arizona weather!  We just hit 100 this week and am eager to get to the pool this afternoon!

Thinking:  This has been a wild week full of changes!  I am so thrilled to announce that I am looping up to 3rd grade with my class next year!  I may have said some comments this year on how I love this class so much and want to go to 3rd with them.  I really didn't think that would happen, but it did!  I am THRILLED to spend another year with them.  They are the sweetest group of kiddos ever!  It doesn't get much better than this!  :)

Wanting:  I really need to slow down time.  I always rush through the end of the school year and don't take the time to really enjoy these last few weeks.  Although, now that I get to move up with them, I'm a little less sad.  I'm still trying to frantically get everything finished as soon as possible, so I can spend my last few weeks in 2nd enjoying our time together.

Needing:  That being said, I really need to get my grading finished this week  Luckily I enjoy grading a lot more when I can do it by the pool!  :)

Summer Yes:  Vegas!!!  I am beyond excited to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference this summer.  I was so jealous of everyone who got to go last year.  I can't wait to meet and mingle with so many amazing bloggers/tpt sellers!

Summer Hope:  My life has really gotten out of control this year.  I focused WAY too much on school work, and let my diet, exercise, and personal life go by the wayside.  My goal this summer is to complete a Whole 30 and a Couch to 5K program.  #noexcuses

Summer Dream:  Every summer I plan on doing some serious organization but I never really get to it.  The pool just ends up sounding so much more appealing.  Ha, maybe this year!

Head on over to Farley's Blog to check out what everyone else is currently up to!  I love reading these blog posts!

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello Sunshine Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first giveaway!  We are so excited to be starting this collaborative blog together.  Stay tuned for much more fun to come!  :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cheez It Math

Last week we worked on our partitioning standard.  

2.G.A.2  Partition a rectangle into rows and columns of same-size squares and count to find the total number of them.  

I needed one more activity to make sure my kiddos understood.  
What better way to practice than with Cheez Its!  

We had a great time building rows and columns and problem solving with a yummy snack.  
Click here to grab this freebie!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello Sunshine!

What happens when you combine beautiful weather and inspiring teachers?

An AMAZING, new, collaborative blog!
I'm beyond excited to be joining forces with 11 other fantastic teacher bloggers from here in sunny Arizona!  We are here to bring you ideas, inspiration, resources, and a little sunshine.  :)  

To kick off our new beginning, we are hosting a HUGE giveaway!  You will have the chance to win fabulous prizes from each of us, along with the HUGE prize at our Hello Sunshine blog!

Not only can you enter to win a $100 TpT Gift Card, but we are EACH giving away a $10 gift card to one of our favorite places and $10 to spend at our TpT Stores through a fun blog hop!  

Now on to MY giveaway.  
I love watching movies.  I love watching them in my sweatpants while lounging on my couch even more!  That's why I love RedBox.  I'm giving away a $10 Gift Card to RedBox and $10 to my TpT Store.  

Click on the button to visit Hello Sunshine.  Then, be sure to hop on through all the blogs to enter the giveaways.  When you come to back me, you know you'll have hit them all.  

Have fun!  :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reading Under The Stars

Every year our school hosts a night called "Reading Under The Stars".  It is a fun night celebrating reading!  We get about 4 or 5 special visitors to read a fun book to a group of students.  They rotate through the stations, and earn prizes based on how many stations they visit.  We also have a few other stations set up. One always involves telescopes for people to look up at the stars.  This year I was in charge of the Ranger Station from Usery Park.  He brought all kinds of creatures and items from the park... including a SNAKE!  Lucky me...  The kiddos loved hearing him speak.  And they all LOVED petting that snake!  They tried to get me to, but I would have nothing to do with it.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Queen for a Day

Today I got to dress up like a Queen!

We have had THE BEST time in Math this week.  

To start off, I had an AMAZING substitute yesterday who really helped set the whole stage for this impromptu lesson.  We are in the beginning of our measure unit.  To start off, she told them that she was going to read them the story of a king who wants his apprentice to make a bed for his queen.  They discussed questions the apprentice would have to answer in order to be able to make the bed.  Then she read them the book, How Big Is a Foot?   

From Amazon:  "The King wants to give the Queen something special for her birthday. The Queen has everything, everything except a bed. The trouble is that no one in the Kingdom knows the answer to a very important question: How Big is a Bed? because beds at the time had not yet been invented. The Queen's birthday is only a few days away. How can they figure out what size the bed should be?"

After reading the book, they discussed the importance of using feet (as in the body part) versus using the standard units of measurement.  She then told them that they were going to attempt to make a bed fit for QUEEN VAN ORMAN.  They worked in small groups using a 12 inch ruler.  They were told to create a bed that is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.  When they were finished, they decorated their beds and hung them on the walls.  

I LOVED the decorations!  A couple of the groups did an AMAZING job coloring and decorating their beds to match my taste.  They know I love chevron, so they tried to draw it.  

not birds - HA!

So sweet!

My substitute also left me this adorable note in order to finish up the lesson the next day.  

Today, when I was back at school, I pulled out my Dollar Tree Royal Crown, Earrings, Scarves, and Glasses and got my Royal Ruler ready to inspect their beds!  

Two of the groups made PERFECT beds for me!  The others were close, but it led us to some great conversation on how we line up rulers, why it's important to know about different tools of measurement (ruler/yardstick/measuring tape), appropriate times for standard/non-standard units of measurement, etc.  

It really was the best day ever!